Friday, March 12, 2004



Gretchen Alexander is sightless. But she refuses to allow her
blindness to limit her life activities. She enjoys archery, golf,
softball, sailing and water-skiing, as well as a number of other
activities that those of us who are sighted have yet to learn.

She also speaks to groups about living life fully. When speaking to a
group of high school students, she was once asked if there was
anything she wouldn't try.

"I've decided to never sky-dive," she answered. "It would scare the
heck out of my dog."

Why do some people rise above their problems and live life fully,
while others become defeated? Merle Shain explains it this way: "There
are only two ways to approach life, as a victim or as a gallant
fighter. And you must decide if you want to act or to react...."

When discouraged, a victim reacts, perhaps in pain or self-pity. But a
fighter acts. A fighter makes a decision to change that set of
circumstances that left her or him discouraged. Or a fighter decides
to accept those circumstances with grace and move ahead anyway. A
fighter decides to act with courage. A fighter takes responsibility
for his or her happiness. No matter how afraid, a fighter refuses to
give in to the most defeating of all human emotions – helplessness.

A victim reacts. A fighter acts. It's your decision. It's a decision
about whether you will live your life fully and with courage or
whether you will be forever defeated by harsh circumstances. Make it
well, for it may be one of the most important decisions you ever make.

Will you be a victim or a gallant fighter?

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