Friday, February 27, 2004


I have had this article for a very very long time.... my hunnie found it one day and I have treasured it ever since. Fifteen years ago I gave birth to fraternal was the worst pregnancy anyone could ever go through.... There were too many times that my heart stopped and they had to revive me and day I will go into the story but for now you can check out this site for my personal story JOSHUA'S STORY and this is the site in which I have dedicated to S.I.D.S.  DEDICATION TO SIDS  ...what happened in the above mentioned article actually took place with my twins.... I could not believe was Joshua who was not thriving and Crystalyn that her actual prescence brought him back to normal functioning...they were born when I was 6 months pregnant and I had spent the majority of my pregnancy in the hospital... everytime I look at the above article it just touches my heart more then anyone can ever realize... and everytime I cry. So I just wanted to share this TRUE miracle with you all and hopefully it will inspire you to go HUG those that you LOVE.

Until We Meet Again----PEACE!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2004


I am still trying to figure out how to place things and such so please bear with me...but I do hope that all that drop by are enjoying the inspirational pieces...PEACE!!


You are blessed with FAERY wings. Beauty,
laughter, life, magic...that's what you are all
about. You are refreshingly innocent and happy
with your life of purity and play. Life's a
game and it's a good one. In your eyes there's
no way to lose! You can be very mischeivous and
have been known to cause trouble, but it's all
in the name of fun and not meant to really harm
anyone. You like to play tricks on people who
aren't quite as bright or clever as you - which
is almost everyone. Nature is the setting you
prefer to be in - Always. Barefoot and wild you
can't be tamed. You're probably a restless
spirit who loves to travel, and quite a
dreamer. Your creativity is astounding and your
art (of whatever media - from writing to
painting to drama) is like something from
another world - ethereal and often very
fantasy-oriented. You can either be a social
butterfly or a loner with their head in the
clouds - but rarely inbetween. You stubbornly
refuse to accept responsibility or to give in
to the wishes of others - unless you feel like
it. You have a strong passion for music and
can't imagine life without it. You'll grow up
someday, but you'll always be a child at heart.
You are adventurous and love to take risks, and
feel a deep connection with the weather,
plants, and animals. You prefer sunshine to
thunder or snow, the warmth of summer to
autumn's chill, and quiet forests to suburban
backyards. Magic through and through, you are
far more powerful than you seem, and are
capable of being extremely passionate. Though
you can be childish, naive, stubborn, and
self-absorbed, one thing is certain - life with
you will never be boring!

*~*~*Claim Your Wings - Pics and Long Answers*~*~*
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Tuesday, February 24, 2004


You Are

You are strong...
when you take your grief
and teach it to smile.

You are brave...
when you overcome your fear
and help others to do the same.

You are happy...
when you see a flower and
are thankful for the blessing.

You are loving...
when your own pain does not blind you
to the pain of others.

You are wise...
when you know the limits of your wisdom.

You are true...
when you admit there are times
you fool yourself.

You are alive...
when tomorrows hope means more to you
than yesterdays mistake.

You are growing...
when you know what you are
but not what you will become.

You are free...
when you are in contol of yourself
and do not wish to control others.

You are honorable...
when you find your honor is to honor others.

You are generous...
when you can take
as sweetly as you can give.

You are humble...
when you do not know how humble you are.

You are thoughtful...
when you see me just as I am
and treat me just as you are.

You are merciful...
when you forgive in others
the faults you condemn in yourself.

You are beautiful...
when you dont need a mirror
to tell you.

You are rich...
when you never need more
than what you have.

You are you...
when you are at peace
with who you are not.

Saturday, February 21, 2004


I am trying to test out placing images through a url from my ftp site with quotes already on them...I just wanted to see how it looks-and right now because this entry is through the beta testing I cannot edit it because them I lose the capacity to use 25,000 characters.

Thursday, February 19, 2004


WELCOME!!! I am absolutely excited to start this new journal of mine. I have another journal but this one is going to be oh so different. I plan on displaying poems, quotes, stories that have touched my heart and I so wanted to share with others. Hopefully your heart will be touched also. I take NO CREDIT for any of the written work- and I will give credit to whomever did the work. I also will be including graphics that mean something to me also. The reason for the title of my journal is because for a few years now I have been absolutely fascinated by ANGELS. I really do not know why has inspired me but I truly believe that I am being led to explore the world of angels. I have already created a website dedicated to angels that (believe it or not) came to me in a dream. It is called Angels In Disguise I invite you to check it out for yourself. I welcome anyone who has a special quote, story, poem or even website to send it to me and I will be more then thrilled to have it here in my journal and give you full credit. I love sharing the positive and uplifting things in life. I truly believe that people have to face enough negative and ugly things day to day... and everyone can use an outlet for something positive and this is mine..I do hope you enjoy it and please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think about my journal and leave a link to your journal...I love reading until our paths cross again--PEACE!!!