Friday, February 27, 2004


I have had this article for a very very long time.... my hunnie found it one day and I have treasured it ever since. Fifteen years ago I gave birth to fraternal was the worst pregnancy anyone could ever go through.... There were too many times that my heart stopped and they had to revive me and day I will go into the story but for now you can check out this site for my personal story JOSHUA'S STORY and this is the site in which I have dedicated to S.I.D.S.  DEDICATION TO SIDS  ...what happened in the above mentioned article actually took place with my twins.... I could not believe was Joshua who was not thriving and Crystalyn that her actual prescence brought him back to normal functioning...they were born when I was 6 months pregnant and I had spent the majority of my pregnancy in the hospital... everytime I look at the above article it just touches my heart more then anyone can ever realize... and everytime I cry. So I just wanted to share this TRUE miracle with you all and hopefully it will inspire you to go HUG those that you LOVE.

Until We Meet Again----PEACE!!!

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I just found out about your journals from the Born To Blog group. You are now in MY FAVOTITES folder. Come visit me at