Saturday, December 11, 2004


                      Seasons Greetings from Mrs. Claus
There is so much to do this time of year that quiet moments are rare. After a long day of preparing for and participating in our annual Christmas Feast and Caroling Party (with the help of some of our more culinary and musical elves and fairies), one hopes only for the comfort of a steaming cup of cider and a long winter's nap. But as I lay awake last night relishing the silence, my turkey-filled husband snoring softly at my side, I glanced out the window as a brilliant star shot from the sky.

Now shooting stars aren't at all uncommon during a North Pole winter. Although the sky is often filled with clouds or swirling snow, clear skies are also experienced. And when the blizzards subside and the clouds part, falling stars are often sighted during our many dark hours, especially by the elves in charge of the sled-dogs and reindeer stables.

However, several things occurred to me when I saw that falling burst of light, which after the exhaustion of such a full day, filled me with a much needed dose of Christmas spirit. They aren't profound, or even unique. And I suppose they aren't politically correct. But then I wasn't raised in the modern world where people are so afraid of offending someone, they seldom reveal their beliefs.

Long ago, a brilliant star (probably much brighter than the one I saw) signified the birth of a tiny babe who came to be the light of the world. But unlike my falling star, who's light went out forever, the light that was his love lives on.

And although Santa is too private to speak of it, it's that light and love which motivates everything we do. It surrounds us and fills us and blesses us with lives so full and rich with the spirit of Christmas that each day is abundant with the endless joy of giving.

Many say that Santa Claus is a secular being. Santa and I only chuckle at the notion. When you think about it, the concept is absurd. How can someone who spends every waking moment in the service of others not be connected to the source of love that inspires all he does?

I realize not everyone believes in the same source. And, of course, we deeply love, respect and happily serve all, regardless of their beliefs. I guess I just thought it was time to let some people out there know there are two old folks living at the North Pole who are in the Christmas business for a reason-the "reason for the season".

Merry Christmas With Love,

Mrs. Claus

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