Wednesday, January 11, 2006


        Doubting your doubts
By Dr. Robert Schuller

"There lives more faith in honest doubt, than in half the creeds," Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote in In Memoriam. I find that some people who have serious questions about the existence of God want desperately to believe. Their probing inquiry reflects thoughtful doubt.

Actually, they are far more responsible and serious in their pursuit of a commitment to God than those who blindly recite cold creeds without really daring to explore the tough questions.

Doubt can be a positive force when we learn to doubt our doubts and have faith in our faith!

It is quite apparent that the believer in God and the Bible has as strong a foundation for a rational system of belief as any doubter has for the philosophy of irreligion he has fabricated.

Faith in God will increase your moral strength, increase your days of joy, reduce your days of despair.

I've never seen a person who has been more respected as a leader in the philosophy and faith of religion than Jesus Christ.

Jesus believed in God. He believed in prayer. He believed in heaven and hell and eternal life. He believed in salvation. He believed in every single human being! He believed in possibility thinking and He believed in faith. If your doubts collide and clash with the viewpoint of Jesus Christ, it is the better part of wisdom to believe the believer and doubt the doubter. Then you are on your way to a great life.

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