Wednesday, March 23, 2005






                                                                     A True Friend
                                                 Like You

I May Have Known You
For Years Or Just A Day.

This Comes From My Heart
Please Hear What I Say.

We May Be Half A World Apart,
You May Be Just Across The Street.
I May See You Each Day,
We May Never Meet.

Life Is A Circle That Has
Let Our Paths Cross.
Like Spring Time And Summer,
The First Winter Frost.

The Color Of Your Skin
It's Not Important At All.
My Skin Has Color And
So Do The Fall Leaves.

Treasure Is A Word That Can
Mean Many Things.
To Me It's The Joy
That Your Friendship Brings. 

But It's Much More Than That.
It's Something Money Can't Buy.

Can You Hear What I'm Saying,
Am I Making It Clear,
Just How Much You Mean To Me.
Our Friendship So Dear,

You Have Been There For Me
And I'll Always Be Here For You. 

Gosh !

It's So Wonderful To Have
A True Friend 
  Like You.

author unknown

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cyndygee said...

I love the color in your journal.  It's like a rainbow and it makes one want to stop and visit!

Stop by and visit me sometime:

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