Friday, March 11, 2005








If your world looks gloomy and you're feeling grim and glum
make a rainbow for yourself, don't wait for one to come.

Don't sit watching at the window for the clouds to part.
There'll soon be a rainbow if you start one in your heart.

Take some lovely thought out of a poem or a prayer.
Turn it over in your mind and let it linger there.
Keep out every memory that dims the light within,
And hold on to the magic word that lets the brightness in.

Work your own small miracle and make the dull days glow.
Put some sunshine into life and let the glory show.

Make a rainbow for yourself with colors brave and gay,
And underneath its golden arch your cares will fade away.

author unknown

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mkolasa101 said...

Oh I love is so, so true isn't it.   Rainbows in and of themselves along with sunrises and sunsets I know are most everyone's favorites.  This little poem is easy to remember so it can be intrigrated into our being to recall often at a low point in our life.  Thank you for sharing.  Your beautiful.