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Are you setting your sights too low?

I heard of a woman who fished all morning and never caught anything.
But a man in the next boat was reeling in a fish every time she
glanced over. Then, to make matters worse, he kept the small ones and
threw the large ones back into the water!

She couldn't stand it any longer. She called over to him, "How come
you're throwing the big ones back?"

He answered by holding up a little frying pan.

We may think that is silly but, in our minds, don't we all hold up
frying pans? Every time we throw away a big idea, a magnificent dream
or an exciting possibility, are we measuring it against a small frying

We talk about making more money or be­coming more successful, but I
believe that this con­cept works in other, and sometimes more
important areas, as well. We can love more than we ever dreamed
possible! We can be happier and live more fully than we ever thought
we could! What we can do or become is limited more by the size of the
frying pan in our minds than by actual circum­stances.

Author Brian Tracy reminds us that "you are not what you think you
are, but what you think, you are." Think big. Dream big. Pray big...
and look for big results. It all begins with changing the size of your

What would happen if you threw away the frying pan you have been using
to measure the size of your dreams, and replaced it with a larger one?
What would happen if you decided that it may really be possible to
have a better relationship with the one you love, or that you actually
can be hap­pier and more fulfilled than you are now? What would
hap­pen if you decided never to settle for anything less than what you
truly want? What if, from now on, you threw the little fish back and
kept the big ones?

And what if you decided to begin today?

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mkolasa101 said...

Wonderful thought provoking post.....I've been on this road of correcting my thinking for some time now.  Being human and a creature of habit it takes time to reshape and remold ourselves.  Change the words we speak and the thoughts we have.  The only person we can really change is ourselves.  Hooray for that, I'm not so good at changing others.  Onward ho!